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Retaining Walls

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Retaining Walls

Many homes are built on hillsides or have steep grades in their back or front yard. Businesses can face the same problem or they may want to expand their parking, but the contour of the land just won’t work in its current state.
The solution to these problems is an easy one. You need to get a retaining wall!
If you are wanting to put in a patio or a pool in your backyard but the land is too steep you need a retaining wall, this will allow you to flatten out the land and keep that sloped elevation held back. This needs to be done right and done by someone who knows how to build strong and sturdy retaining walls that will last.

A business that has a steep grade on one side of their shop has a similar issue where they cannot extend parking on that side of the building, but again a retaining wall can fix that by pulling the sloping land back and allowing for a flat grade to accommodate their new parking lot.

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