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Landscaping Basics

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Landscaping Basics

Many people think about getting a new landscape or even modernizing their current landscape, but don’t know where to start.
Here are some basics for residential landscaping that work well and make your yard look 100 times better!

1. Clean Up your yard or current landscaping – by simply cleaning up your yard or landscape you can improve the look tremendously.  When installing a new landscape this is a must, it’s like starting out with a blank canvass.

2. Trim hedges and/or trees – this again will drastically improve the look of your yard and makes it easier to visualize what you need to do for your landscape.

3. Clear out those Weeds – their not pretty and they are bad for your yard and landscaping.  Get Rid of Them!

(if you are getting a new landscape)

4. Draw up a Plan – make a sketch of how you want your landscape to look.  This helps in processing how everything will be laid out.

5. Take Measurements – you can add these to your drawing and are necessary in determining how much stone you will need for bordering or fill, as well as weed matting and placement.

6. Decide what plants, trees, flowers or shrubs you want for the landscape.

7. Dig up the area – this can take a bit of effort and needs to be a little more precise and in many cases you are better off having a professional landscaper do it.

8. Lay down the weed matting – this stops weeds from growing up into your landscaping.

9. Border the edge with stones – this defines the edge of the landscape and looks great.

10. Plant your trees, flowers or shrubs.

11. Add any accents like stones or boulders, gnomes or statues.

12. Fill with mulch or rock.

You’re all finished!

It may sound easy here, but it does take time and a lot of hard work to create a good landscape, but just remember these are some Landscaping Basics for you to think about.