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Christmas Tree Care Tips

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Christmas Tree Care Tips

While Altered Grounds Outdoor Services does not sell Christmas trees, we would like to pass on these Christmas Tree Care Tips tips for making your treeChristmas Tree purchasing and care less stressful.

Choosing the perfect tree – It is important to purchase a tree that is not dropping green needles, or has brittle twigs. Vigorously shaking the tree will help identify too much needle lost, or dropping the tree from around 1 foot high on to its stump.

Tree Size – Even though you may have found what may be the perfect tree it is important to understand that the size of the tree is an essential factor. Not only should you take note of the height of the tree expect the width of the tree to be approximately half of the height.

Water – Christmas trees will drink approximately one quart of water daily. Before the tree is placed in the stand do what is called a “fresh cut”. To fresh cut a tree simply saw off the bottom one inch of the stump. This will create a very thirsty tree that will keep green and stay smelling fresh much longer. Often times, people will put chemicals in the water, but just like the human body, water is the best source of hydration for a tree.

Sunlight – When you do finally pick the perfect tree, the placement of the tree comes next. For a healthier, longer lasting tree you keep the tree in a shaded area of the home. The sun will dry the needles out very quickly.

Ornaments and Lights – This is the best part of the entire Christmas tree experience. Certain types of ornaments can be heavier and should be placed on the lower limbs of the tree. This will hopefully avoid them breaking if they do happen to fall. Also, make sure the stand is very sturdy, as most trees will have ornaments on the ‘front’ of the tree. Depending on the size of the tree, this can add a great deal of weight and may potentially tip the tree over.

Pets – The greatest threat to trees can be your beloved pets. While cats can climb better, both cats and dogs have been known to knock Christmas trees over. The best way to combat curious pets is to purchase a ceiling tree hook. This will reduce the possibility of the tree falling over.

Cleanup – Always take down ornaments and lights prior to removing the tree from the stand. Check with your local waste management company when tree pickup is. Typically this is the week following New Years.

We hope these Christmas Tree Care Tips will help with your upcoming tree purchase.