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Winter Landscape Tips

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Winter Landscape Tips

Even with winter upon us, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your landscaping! Keeping your landscaping beautiful during the winter months and planning ahead for spring are great ways to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Below are a few winter landscape tips you can do to improve your garden and landscaping even as the snow begins to fall.

Begin Planning your Spring Landscape Projects!

Winterberry Holly

Winterberry Holly

We have seen the summer days fade and our days get shorter and shorter, the thermometers are declining by the day, and soon enough we will have snow on our driveways. For most, spring is in the far distant future and is the last thing we care to think about (other than the warm weather!). Late fall and winter, however, are one of the best times to plan for the early spring patio, retaining wall, or other landscape projects. Often times during the spring and summer months these projects get overlooked as other commitments take priority. If landscape design isn’t your ‘thing’, call Altered Grounds Landscaping, one of the most experienced St. Louis Landscapers for assistance. Once you have a good plan in mind, you will be ready to start when the weather breaks and the frozen ground begins to thaw. This will ensure that you have the ability to enjoy your wonderful new patio or other landscape project when the weather becomes nicer.

Find Plants That Stand Out


Red Twig Dogwood

When many people think of winter vegetation, they think of the Spruce trees, Pine trees, and other coniferous trees. While planting these trees and shrubs is a perfect way to ‘spruce’ up your landscaping, there are many other choices that can add life to your property. While it may be a little late for planting of this type of tree, maybe for next spring plan a purchase of a Red Twig Dogwood. A Red Twig Dogwood has beautiful spring flowers along with good fall color; however, winter is when they stand out. As the temperature drops the brown stems of the Red Twig Dogwood will slowly begin to turn red, with the most recent stems showing color vibrantly. In addition to the Red Twig Dogwood, the Winterberry Holly will maintain its bright red berries throughout winter. This is a great way to retain some color during the winter months.

Finish Fall With a Clean Yard

All but a few trees have already dropped their leaves for the fall. It is important to be sure to rake all of the dropped leaves off of your lawn. Any weight on top of the grass can in-fact smother you lawn and makes the grass more susceptible to fungi and other disease.

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Remember, Altered Grounds Landscaping can assist you with tree planting, as well as all of your landscaping needs from lawn care to the design and building of elaborate projects. We pride ourselves in being one of the leaders St. Louis Landscaping.